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MindGrind Wellbeing is a Mental Health Coaching service, collaborating on a one-to-one basis with adult and adolescent clients, to develop goal-oriented techniques toward maintaining positive mental health, life strategies and emotional wellness

Therapy Centre Treatment

Professional, affordable, one-to-one Mental Health Coaching services provided at Dublin’s Howth Road Therapy Centre

Home Visits

Sessions provided at home for younger clients, or where anxiety levels may impede centre-based treatment 

Online Sessions

Low-cost, effective and accessible sessions provided for clients outside of Dublin, or where face-to-face treatment is not viable

Joe Maloney

Joe Maloney is a qualified, accredited and licensed Mental Health Coach and founder of MindGrind Wellbeing. As a qualified professional life coach, Joe has formally trained in psychotherapy, counselling, cognitive behavioural therapies and many recovery-oriented treatments. He holds a professional accreditation in coaching with neuroscience.

Joe is a passionate advocate of positive mental health and emotional wellbeing and has vast therapeutic experience working with clients facing difficult aspects of life, including challenges around anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, grief and low mood disorders. He also works with both adult and adolescent clients on the autistic spectrum. Joe collaborates with clients on a one-to-one basis through a combination of therapeutic, practical and immersive techniques in a way that’s hugely accessible, evidence-based and enjoyable.

Joe works with clients in the Howth Road Therapy Centre in Dublin, with younger clients in their own home in line with child protection policies, and also online with clients outside of Dublin.

Specialist Areas

Low Mood Disorders

General Anxiety Disorder


Panic Disorder

Negative Self-Talk


Stress and Tension

Anger and Resentment

Suicidal Ideation

Racing Thoughts

Motivational Challenges

Bereavement, Grief, Loss

Licence and Accreditation

Joe is an accredited and licensed member of the World Association of Coaching with Neuroscience (WACN). As a licensed coach, specialising in mental health, he has logged hundreds of clinical hours and met stringent requirements in the treatment of whole-system, integrated with neuroscience. Membership of WACN’s network requires a yearly quality coaching audit to ensure the continued provision of excellence.



“I tried everything: numerous counsellors, psychotherapy, even hypnotherapy. Nothing seemed to work. Then I got in contact with Joe. All I can say is that I owe Joe my life. He has turned her whole life around. She goes into a session with a smile and comes out beaming. He is just amazing.”

Parent of Client aged 16

"Joe has an incredible ability to make you feel at ease and is an amazing listener. I feel very fortunate to have been coached by Joe, the transformation from the process has been amazing. I felt extremely confident in my own ability as well as a greater sense of direction."

Client, age-range: 30s

"Joe has helped me in so many different ways, with an open, relaxed and enjoyable approach. I simply would not be back to feeling 100% without the work he put into me."

Client, aged 19

"Joe took the time to truly understand both my son’s and my own concerns. He was kind, caring and incredibly compassionate. In a short time Joe built up a great relationship with my son and they worked out fun and useful tools to help bring down his levels of anxiety."

Parent of client aged 9

"The knowledge and the enthusiasm you have for helping others is infectious and I feel it has rubbed off on me too. I’ve learned to see the bigger picture of life and to enjoy myself more with the people I care about. I would not be in the headspace I’m in now without your help."

Client, age-range: 20s

"I’m so glad I asked for help, talking to someone really is the first and hardest step. I wasn’t coping in school, having panic attacks. I didn’t know what they were at the time and they are scary! It turned out very well because my Mam introduced me to Joe. He kind of took the scariness out of all my fears. "

Client, aged 12

“I have ALWAYS been impressed with how fast Joe just gets it! He helped me identify my need and assists in not alone achieving my goal, but helped me qualify that it’s even the right goal for me to work on, by exploring my core values, boundaries, and internalised beliefs.”

Client, age-range: 50s

“We sought professional help at the earliest opportunity. Joe has helped [our son] make sense of his feelings and helped build coping strategies. He actually looks forward to his sessions with Joe and now has more understanding, confidence and fun strategies to deal with his anxiety.”

Parent of client aged 14

“Joe is an exceptional listener and he can always bring a bright light in to your day! He taught me all about thoughts and how to stay in the now and to actually think my problems out and challenge them rather than let them spiral uncontrollably and crash. I don't think I can ever thank him enough.”

Client, aged 18

"Joe has worked with [my son] and the improvements and confidence in his life have been just remarkable. Joe is now a trusted advisor and coach to our son, and his parents! We find our son now taking the lead and has truly grown and developed positively as a person."

Parent of client aged 16

“I had to find my son professional help and fast. I spoke to a number of therapists, but I just knew they wouldn’t work. Then I found Joe. I knew immediately he was who my son needed. My son immediately understood he could say what he liked in a safe place, without judgement or worrying.”

Parent of client aged 12

“Joe is a funny, kind person who helps me see how to help my emotions.”

Client aged 8

“Joe changed my life around. I was feeling low and abusing substances. After just one session I felt my mood lift. It was like he knew exactly what was going on in my head where I was unable to understand why I felt the way I did. The sessions were fantastic and I fully recommend Joe!”

Client, age-range: 40s

“Joe came very highly recommended from a friend whose teenage son was struggling. Quite simply, Joe has been brilliant. He has helped my son enormously and given him skills that he can use for the rest of his life. I trust Joe with the wellbeing of my boy. We would be lost without him.”

Parent of client aged 15

“Joe is an incredible, down-to-earth, amazing man. He has helped me so much and I can undoubtedly say I would not be the person I am today without him. I love our sessions and I cannot thank him enough. I owe you my life.”

Client, aged 18

“Joe gave our daughter a window of light when she was struggling with big emotions and self-esteem. He used humour, kindness and easy-to-do activities to show her ways and techniques to give her confidence in her ability to help her deal with her feelings.”

Parents of client aged 9

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