Joe has helped me gain confidence and deal with worrying aspects of my life, all whilst cracking a joke and putting a genuine smile on my face. He provides great techniques for dealing with negative thoughts and lets you take control of the sessions.

- 042 -

I learned to better handle all of my thoughts. I liked the fact that my thoughts and feelings are heard in a judgement free zone. Joe is very welcoming and the environment in the therapy centre is really peaceful. I really feel connected to Joe as my mental health coach and I feel that he has been such a benefit to my life.

- 041 -

Joe’s outgoing, friendly character makes working with him very easy. He is extremely selfless and is more eager to help you than you sometimes are to help yourself. His professionalism and witty humour has made each session fly by and it makes your day that little bit better. Thanks Joe.

- 040 -

I was going to Joe for the guts of two years. He helped me unbelievably even when I thought I was helpless and it would never get better. Joe is a very selfless man and only wants the best for the people he works with and will always put the person first no matter what. Joe helped me more than any doctor I’ve even seen. He is able to relate from his own past experiences and battles which personally I believe is the most important part which sometimes doctors can’t relate to you in the same way. No bad blood with any doctors but I believe in my case Joe helped me more than anyone else.

- 039 -

Joe has been amazing from day one. As someone who avoided therapy for years, after my first session with Joe, I wanted to go back and learn more about myself and my emotions. Joe has created a welcoming safe space and shown great belief in me and I look forward to future conversations with him!

- 038 -

I start speaking to Joe in 2020 when I was in a terrible spot mentally. I had little knowledge on mental health or even that I was dealing with things like anxiety and depression. Someone told me about Joe and I decided I’d give it a try. I was nervous for the first session as I never actually spoke openly about how I was feeling inside. Straight from the start of the session Joe made me feel like I was having a chat with a mate about things going on in my life, encouraging me to look at things in a different way etc. Before I start speaking to Joe I had little to no idea why I was feeling so low and within a couple of weeks/months of sessions with him I felt a massive weight off my shoulders. When you speak to him he relates to you in so many different scenarios because he has been there himself so he knows exactly what you’re going through. He introduced me to meditation, he gave me tips on how to improve my sleep (which massively helped), he has helped me with career decisions, family problems, relationships, self-confidence. Like I said at the start, it’s like having a good, professional, but open conversation with a mate you’ve known for a long time and I think that’s a trait not many people have and that makes you feel so comfortable to be open and honest about whatever is bothering you. I’m very lucky I managed to cross paths with him.
- 037 -

Joe is an excellent mental health coach. I’ve been attending his clinic for over four months now and I always feel great after each session. Joe provides excellent coaching on mental health, using CBT and other specialist techniques, to show how to gradually expose and overcome anxiety of all types. Joe is great at building your confidence in the process by providing insightful knowledge into how the mind operates and the habits we pick up over the years. Since attending Joe’s sessions, my anxiety and stress levels have dropped significantly and I’m extremely thankful for all his help on my journey to date!
- 036 -

If your teenager is struggling or you’re struggling to communicate with your teenager, Joe has an innate ability to communicate with them and help them navigate these difficult years. I couldn’t recommend him enough.

- 035 -

As much as it kills me to say this to his face, Joe’s approach is nothing short of exceptional. His unique approach combines profound insights with a touch of humour, creating an atmosphere that fosters growth and self-discovery. He skilfully draws parallels from relatable experiences, allowing for deep and impactful lessons. What truly sets Joe apart is his ability to establish a genuine and supportive relationship. He exudes warmth and empathy, making every session feel like a safe space for open exploration and self-reflection. This foundation of trust enables a level of personal growth that is truly transformative. In terms of impact, Joe’s guidance has had a profound effect on my life. Through his coaching, I’ve gained invaluable insights and most importantly actionable tools to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. His unique blend of wisdom and humour creates an engaging and enjoyable learning experience. Effectiveness is the cornerstone of Joe’s style. He skilfully navigates the complexities of personal growth, providing practical strategies that yield tangible results that you can see in your everyday life. His approach is not only insightful, but tailored to you, ensuring that each session is a step forward on the path to personal development. In summary, working with Joe is a journey of self-discovery, guided by someone whose approach is both effective and impactful. I wholeheartedly endorse him for anyone seeking transformative personal growth and heartfelt support.
- 034 -

I started attending sessions with Joe a couple of months ago now after he was recommended to me by a friend and I haven’t looked back since. With such a wide range of knowledge and experience, Joe helped me in more ways than I could have imagined. From the first session I knew I was in safe hands by the instant weight I felt lifted off my shoulders. I can’t thank him enough for what he has done.

- 033 -

In my opinion you’re very constructive when it comes to people’s problems which you don’t see these days with counselors, Very honest and relatable. I know I can always rely on you to be there at the time we said and you never give me grief for being five minutes late, which is really nice. I think the work we did was really great and the approaches worked really well. I think having the measures up on how well I was doing was a major help to capture the progress on how I was and improvements that were made.

- 032 -

Working with Joe was an absolute pleasure. From the moment I stepped into his office, I felt immediately at ease. I opened up to him like I’ve never done before and that’s a hard task to achieve! His professionalism and dedication to his work sets him apart. An absolute gentleman and I would absolutely recommend him to anybody who felt the way I did over a year ago.

- 031 -

Working with Joe has been an absolute pleasure. For my journey I knew I needed guidance and structure around anxiety. Joe helped me to understand the science behind why I was feeling how I was feeling and gave me mechanisms to catch it before it became a panic attack. How we approached it was exactly how I needed it. For me I needed to understand how the brain works and useful tools to catch it when I was going down the rabbit hole of anxious thinking. With the tools Joe showed me, such as breathing techniques, physical techniques and mental understanding techniques, I was able to make progress and see results every week, setting up little tests for myself such as social activities, work meetings, and proving that everything is actually fine. Joe’s care and effectiveness on me has been life-changing, I use his tools and guidance every day, to point where I am doing it without noticing. I could not recommend Joe highly enough. His help will have an everlasting effect on me and has made me a better and more confident person from that work.
- 030 -

Just a few words to let you know the tools you gave [our son] have helped him so much. He said he uses them all the time in different situations. I wanted to thank you for your help not only with him, but with us too! In what was a difficult time and worry in our lives. We would not have managed or understood how to help. Many thanks.
- 029 -

When I first started seeing Joe I had little to no hope. But with the help of Joe to make me realise that I had the power to change my life. I started to become myself in ways I never thought I’d be comfortable. I could finally leave the house again and go places and discover the world. I went from not being able to leave my front door to leaving the country by myself. And without the help of Joe I honestly don’t think it would have been possible. A true honour to work with. An understanding kind and honest person.
- 028 -

I can’t overstate what you have done for [my daughter]. You’ve been truly amazing and such a support to her, and such a guidance, I can’t thank you enough. It was great to see my little girl nearly back to her old self, with everything she’s been through. She did an amazing leaving cert, she’s in [college] now and she’s definitely getting there. Thank you, Joe. I really appreciate everything you’ve done and I know she can dip in with you again if needs be. I’m singing your praises to anybody and everybody who is having any problems with their kids. Thank you again. I’m so grateful for everything you’ve done for [my daughter]. It was so wonderful and emotional to see her . . . it was just incredible. So thank you.
- 027 -

I started going to sessions with Joe when I was at a very low point and not myself at all. I had lost any sense of who I was and what my values were. Talking with Joe helped me so much and I definitely believe that Joe gave me my personality back as well as clarity on who I am and who I want to continue being. I would advise anybody to reach out, it was so worth it for me!

- 026 -

Joe is quite an incredible guy. I found that his easy-going nature was the perfect balance I needed at a very difficult time in my life. Joe acts more as a coach than a councillor and allows you to set your own agenda in a very relaxed and empathetic space. I had a traumatic experience at work following years of stressful working at a senior level. I finally could not take it anymore and just imploded. I was simply unable to continue and function in a work capacity. My anxiety level was very acute, and I was extremely down in myself. Having used psychotherapy before I had a very jaundiced view of the process. However, on the recommendation of my GP I got a referral to Joe, and we immediately clicked. His experiences where able to help me understand mine. The time he gave me on our first introductory call I will be forever grateful for because even then I saw that there was a possible way to turn things around. I cannot emphasise how hard it was to make that first call. Joe was very understanding from the outset and really listened and understood: you set the programme, and Joe works with that, gently steering and affirming. I like that Joe uses metrics to measure progress. This tangible process was very reassuring for me even when things may not have been going well in my world. I could not have gotten to where I am now without Joe and the practical and sensible support he has given me. I am working again and happy in a new job. I have been given the tools to assist me and I remain very much in the Now. Thank you, Joe. You have been nothing short of brilliant.
- 025 -

Joe guided me to find a new perspective on aspects of my life. His good sense of humour and emphatic nature made me feel at ease throughout our conversations. I would recommend Joe to anyone who feels they could be a little happier in their lives.
- 024 -

Joe was so helpful he put my mind at ease immediately upon contacting him and assured me he would do his best to help my daughter through her problems. He was very supportive and assuring through the process. He was very professional in his approach and also very mindful of my 17 year old daughter’s privacy.

- 023 -

I found Joe to be extremely kind and understanding. He has a great ability to put you at ease and gave me the skills to deal with the issues I was having.
- 022 -

Our son struggled with mental health issues for four long years. Other interventions had little impact. Whilst our son had reached a point where he longed to get his life back we were all at a loss as how to help him achieve this. Joe helped him recognise what was going on in his life, and empowered him with skills to turn things around. He has returned to the normal 18 year old (with the normal ups and downs that brings) and is finally living his life as opposed to just existing in his room. Joe has given him skills which will last a lifetime and we will be forever grateful. The best validation I can give regarding Joe is that I have shared his contact details with numerous parties.
- 021 -

Joe was very understanding of daughter’s needs and her wellbeing. He gained her trust from the start and they built up a great rapport. With his help I can see what a confident self-loving teenager she has become. Thanks again Joe, I can’t thank you enough for all your help!

- 020 -

Joe was very helpful with me changing how I was thinking and always making me laugh with his humour and he was always there for me.
- 019 -

From our first meeting with Joe, I knew my daughter was in safe hands. Because of Joe’s kind and caring nature he helped her navigate through some very tough times. She is in such a better place now and that is purely down to his guidance. We will always be grateful to Joe.
- 018 -

I cannot recommend Joe enough. From the moment I met him, his jokes and attitude immediately made me feel comfortable around him. Joe helped me cope through the intense stress and anxiety of the leaving cert. He was someone I could turn to when I thought I had no one and I’m glad I had Joe during some of the most difficult moments of my life. I can confidently say I’m happier now and know how to deal with my anxiety in a much more effective way thanks to Joe’s help and guidance.
- 017 -

Joe has a natural, innate ability to relate to children and is very knowledgeable in his area of expertise. He taught excellent, practical strategies which he explained in a very age-appropriate manner. It’s very evident that Joe is extremely passionate about his work. From the first session with our 9 year old son, he immediately created a safe, comfortable and most importantly, fun environment. From there, that’s when the magic started! Our son responded so well to Joe’s approach. Joe immediately “got him”. He understood his feelings so well and had a real ability to reassure and empathise while making him laugh! It’s been amazing to witness our son’s response to Joe and we will be forever grateful to him.
- 016 -

Joe came very highly recommended to me from my friend whose teenage son was struggling. Quite simply Joe has been brilliant. He has helped my son enormously and given him skills that he can use for the rest of his life. I trust Joe with the wellbeing of my boy, so much so that I’ve recommended him to a close friend of mine who was concerned about her child. We would be lost without him! Thanks Joe.
- 015 -

Joe is an incredible, down-to-earth, amazing man. He has helped me so much over the past while and I can undoubtedly say I would not be the person I am today without him. I love our sessions and I cannot thank him enough for everything he has done and continues to do for me. Joe, I owe you my life.
- 014 -

Joe gave our daughter a window of light when she was struggling with big emotions and self-esteem. He used humour, kindness, easy-to-do activities to show her ways and techniques to give her confidence in her ability to help deal with her feelings.

- 013 -

Joe is a funny, kind person who helps me see how to help my emotions.

- 012 -

Joe changed my life around. I was feeling low and abusing substances. After just one session I felt my mood lift. It was like he knew exactly what was going on in my head where I was unable to understand why I felt the way I did. The sessions were fantastic and I fully recommend Joe!

- 011 -

My daughter went from a bubbly, stress-free teenager to suddenly suffering from debilitating and extremely frightening panic attacks . . . and was ultimately hospitalised. This trauma turned her whole life upside down . . . it was horrendous for the family to watch. I tried everything: numerous counsellors, psychotherapy, even hypnotherapy . . . nothing seemed to work. Then I got in contact with Joe. All I can say is that I owe Joe my life. He has turned her whole life around, she is almost back to the girl she used to be. I thought that I was never ever going to see that again. Every week she looks forward to her session with Joe. She goes into the session with a smile on her face and comes out beaming. He is just amazing. The work he has done with her has been unreal. Joe far beyond exceeded our expectations and to us has saved our daughter’s life. We are eternally grateful Joe.

- 010 -

Having the privilege of working with Joe was above and beyond any help I’ve ever received. He is an exceptional listener and just the loveliest gentleman! He can always bring a bright light in to your day! He taught me all about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and how to stay in the now and to actually think my problems out and challenge them rather than let them spiral uncontrollably and crash. His help was a massive asset and life lesson that I have completely embraced and still use to keep a positive head on my shoulders and to get me through rough patches. He taught me so much, opened my mind and changed how I think for the better. I don’t think I can ever thank him enough.

- 009 -

Over many years in business I have had occasion to work closely with Joe and I have always been impressed with how fast he gets it! How he identifies the need and assists in not alone achieving this goal but nails the right goal for you. His emotional Intelligence comes to the fore and this is what sets Joe apart. He helps build resilience and get you to bounce back quicker. He helps you win others’ trust and get the job done much more effectively.

- 008 -

My youngest son has suffered from anxiety for the past year. At its worst it was quite debilitating and kept him from school. We sought professional help at the earliest opportunity. We engaged with a child physiologist and we also wanted our son to have access to a ‘mental health coach’ . . . I knew Joe would be the perfect coach. Joe has a great ability to connect, understand and relate to my son. Joe has helped him make sense of his feelings and helped him build coping strategies. Joe ensures their total professionalism and confidentially, this really helps build rapport and confidence with our son. [Our son] really looks forward to his sessions with Joe, he actually asks to speak to Joe on a regular basis. My son still has bad days, but these are a lot less frequent. My son has more understanding, confidence and strategies to deal with his anxiety. I would recommend Joe without hesitation.

- 007 -

. . . I was finding it very hard to perform at my best, both in my [professional] life and in my personal life . . . you have helped me in so many different ways, whilst doing it with a relaxed, enjoyable and open approach . . . I simply would not be back to feeling 100% without the work you have put into me and the difficult areas in my life and I greatly appreciate it. You are naturally friendly and sincere and I always feel you looked out for me and cared and . . . it is incredibly inspiring. I know I can always trust you and you are always there to talk through every issue I’ve been dealing with. The knowledge and the enthusiasm you have for helping others is infectious and I feel it has rubbed off on me too. I’ve learned to see the bigger picture of life and to enjoy myself more with the people I care about . . . I would not be in the headspace I’m in now without your help.

- 006 -

Over the last year or so we had noticed that our son had really struggled with . . . some of the general skills and demands of life . . . I knew as a parent that Joe’s skills and approach would be much more effective than my ‘moaning’ at my son! Joe has worked with my son for over a year now. The improvements and confidence in [my son’s] . . . activities have been remarkable. Joe is now a trusted advisor and coach to our son, and to us! Joe has a way of connecting and relating to our son that is just amazing to us. We find [our son] now taking the lead and he has truly grown as a person. I don’t believe this growth would have been possible without Joe.

- 005 -

Joe is kind, caring and incredibly compassionate. He takes the time to truly understand both my son’s and my own concerns. I have a very strong level of confidence in Joe’s ability and the positive effect he has in my son’s life. In a short time Joe has built a great relationship with my son and has recommended useful tools he has used to help with his anxiety. I have no hesitation in recommending Joe.

- 004 -

I worked with Joe as my professional coach. From the get go, I felt like we were in it together. Joe has an incredible ability to make you feel at ease and is an amazing listener. He showed great encouragement and support for the things I wanted to work on and positively challenged me throughout the process to think differently than before. Joe really helped me focus on my strengths and also helped reveal some behavioural blind spots I hadn’t noticed previously. I feel very fortunate to have been coached by Joe , the transformation from the process has been amazing, I felt extremely confident in my own ability as well as a greater sense of direction that he helped me discover. I highly recommend Joe if you are considering working with a coach . . . he is class!

- 003-

I knew I wasn’t right but I didn’t know how to explain it. I’m so glad I went to my parents for help. Talking to someone really is the first and hardest step. I wasn’t coping in school and I was having panic attacks. I didn’t know what they were at the time and they are scary! My mam told me she needed to get someone else for me to talk to and even though I didn’t want to talk to someone. I just wanted her to fix it, anyway, it turned out well cos then she introduced me to Joe. I had sessions with him every week for about six months and I told him all my fears, he kind of took the scariness out of my fears and made me realise they were thoughts made up by me, he gave me strategies to cope in the short term and in the long term (like is this going to matter in 20 years, I still ask myself that question today if I’m nervous) even though I don’t talk to Joe that much anymore, I do know I can call him anytime, I know he’s there if I need him.

- 002 -

One of the most difficult things to do as a parent is to hand your child over to someone else to ‘fix’. It’s bad enough when it’s a physical issue but a psychological issue made me feel like a failure. However, I had to put my own issues aside and find my son professional help and fast. I spoke to a number of counsellors but I just knew they wouldn’t work . . . then I found Joe. I can’t really explain it but I knew immediately he was who my son needed, he met my 12 year old boy suffering with severe anxiety. I left them to it and even after the first visit my son felt better. He knew Joe ‘got it’ – he understood. He could say what he liked in a safe place, without worrying if he was upsetting me or his dad or his siblings. Joe normalised what my son was going through which was a comfort to me and my son, Joe also gave my son the lifelong tools to deal with stressful situations. A life skill. Joe was with my son every week for six months and then the sessions were less frequent, however, we know he is only ever a phone call away.

- 001 -